Overall Objective

­GGGI objective in Colombia is to support the country’s economic growth objectives while implementing inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth principles into its long term economic planning frameworks. Recognizing the importance of its forest resources in reducing GHG emissions to help meet Colombia’s NDC and SDG targets, GGGI is supporting the Government of Colombia (GoC) in achieving its goal of zero net deforestation by 2020 through the Amazon Vision program.

Strategic Outcome Targets

GHG Reductions Target Setting in Progress
Green Jobs Target Setting in Progress
Sustainable Services Target Setting in Progress
Air Quality Target Setting in Progress
Ecosystem Services Target Setting in Progress
Enhanced Adaptation to Climate Change Target Setting in Progress
Carolina Jaramillo

Country Representative - Colombia

Resource Partner

GGGI Core Funding

Implementation Partner

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

World Bank

Government Counterpart

National Planning Department (DNP)

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS)

Presidential Agency for Cooperation (APC)

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR)

Regional Environmental Authorities (Regional Autonomous Corporations – CAR)

Amazon region State and municipalities Governments

High Commissioner´s Office for Post conflict


Colombia’s recent growth has mostly been generated in the energy and extractives industries, boosted by the global commodity boom. The increase in foreign investment and government revenues derived from energy extractives has led to economic expansion. However, concentrated growth and employment creation in these industries has also created high dependence on oil and gas and mining exports.

In this context, the Government of Colombia (GoC) wishes to develop a Green Growth Long-Term Policy that will drive new sources of growth, innovation and job creation and at the same time chart the way for the country to achieve its NDC and SDG commitments. This program will set green growth targets in a mid-term timeframe and enable these targets to be reflected in the next Development Plan for the 2018-2022 period.

For the first time in many years, Colombia has a real prospect for peace after decades of armed conflict. If a peace agreement is achieved, government expenditure would be injected in rural areas; most of which are abundant in natural capital in the form of forests, but devastated by the internal conflict. If not properly managed, this could lead to natural resource degradation and increased GHG emissions due to land use change. The GoC therefore needs to adopt and implement sound policies and investments to ensure that reduced deforestation targets are met and that long-term, socially inclusive and environmentally resource efficient growth occurs in marginal and impoverished areas.


News • July 27, 2018

GGGI advances in the Department of Nariño (Colombia) with workshop Series #2: “Towards Green Growth with Bioeconomy and Circular Economy”

Pasto, July 27 – GGGI with the support of the Norwegian Embassy and the Governor’s Office of the Department of Nariño, carried out the second workshop out of the four series workshops planned on capacity building for the mainstreaming of green growth objectives at the local level. The workshop gathered public and private stakeholders that gained […]

News • July 25, 2018

GGGI hosts its first regional workshop in Antioquia to strengthen local capacities in financing projects associated with green growth

Medellin, July 25 – The GGGI Colombia team and the Government of Antioquia co-hosted an event to kick-off a Regional Strategy dialogue in this region. Given the advanced state of the art of green growth planning in Antioquia, GGGI is seeking to support the implementation of these and their impact on the ground. More than 80 stakeholders […]

News • July 18, 2018

GGGI conducts the first Workshop on Green Growth in Department of Meta

Villavicencio, July 18 – GGGI, with support of the Norwegian Embassy and the Department of Meta’s Governor Office, carried out the first out of four capacity building workshops on green growth for public and private stakeholders in this Department. This is the first step in the implementation of a subnational strategy on green growth, which […]

News • July 10, 2018

Colombia approves Long-Term Green Growth Policy and sets the course towards 2030

During the National Council of Economic and Social Policy (CONPES) session on July 10, President Santos of Colombia approved the Long-Term Green Growth Policy (CONPES document No. 3934), in accordance with the goal established in the National Development Plan 2014-2018 and to which GGGI has been contributing since 2014. This policy aims to boost productivity […]

News • June 28, 2018

GGGI takes part in the Oslo Tropical Forest Forum 2018

Oslo, Norway, June 28 – GGGI took part in the Oslo Tropical Forest Forum (OTTF) 2018 hosted by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) to present the importance of jurisdictional platforms to scale up REDD+ across peatland landscapes and discuss ways to foster protection of tropical forests. The GGGI Indonesia team co-organized a public event […]

News • June 20, 2018

GGGI and Norway support the South-South exchange of experiences in controlling deforestation and environmental enforcement between Brazil and Colombia

From June 11th to 15th, in the presence of the Minister of the Environment of Brazil, Edson Duarte, and the Ambassador of Colombia in Brazil, Alejandro Duarte, the “Technical Mission of exchange of experiences on monitoring tools, deforestation control, environmental enforcement and rural environmental cadastre” was held with the support of the Global Green Growth […]

News • June 14, 2018

Colombia Presents a 2030 Green Growth Roadmap

Bogotá, June 14 – The President of the Republic of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, attended a high-level forum, showcasing the results and recommendations of the national Green Growth Taskforce. More than 400 high-level representatives of the government, the private sector, academia and civil society, participated in the forum that included the Taskforce’s presentation of the […]

News • May 24, 2018

The Government of Nariño and GGGI co-organize a multi-stakeholder training, entitled “Journey with Green Growth: From Planning to Action”

Pasto, Colombia- May 24 – The GGGI Colombia team, in partnership with the Norwegian Embassy in Colombia, held a training session to accelerate its sub-national green growth program on the ground. The Government of Nariño and GGGI co-organized a multi-stakeholder training, entitled “Journey with Green Growth: From Planning to Action”, designed to strengthen local stakeholders’ […]

News • April 12, 2018

“Think Big” with Green Growth. The GGGI Colombia Team Initiated a New Sub-National Program with Antioquia

April 12 – Medellín, Antioquia – The GGGI Colombia team met with Governor of Antioquia Mr. Luis Gomez Gutierrez to establish a new partnership, within the framework of the Sub-National Green Growth Program partnered with the Norwegian government. The Governor of Antioquia has agreed to join this partnership, and to review a list of priorities […]

News • April 10, 2018

Norway commits additional US $250 million (2020 to 2025) for Colombia to fight against deforestation

April 10 – Bogota, Colombia – Norway committed additional US $250 million (2020 to 2025) for Colombia today to fight against deforestation by extending the Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI). H.E. Prime Minister Erna Solberg and H.E. President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos announced the new timeline for their cooperation to fight against deforestation. Norway will […]

News • April 10, 2018

Colombian Parliament approves the first of the four debates on the GGGI Establishment Agreement

April 10 – Bogota, Colombia – The Second Committee of International Affairs of the Senate of the Republic of Colombia approved today the first debate – out of four required to pass the bill – of the Bill 178 and 179 of 2017 that makes reference to the Legal Status and Privileges of the Global […]

News • March 6, 2018

Promoting Green Growth to Meet Global Aspirations for Gender Equality

Promoting Green Growth to Meet Global Aspirations for Gender Equality By Frank Rijsberman SEOUL, Mar 6 2018 (IPS) – The world has seen tremendous economic growth over the last decades, which has led to poverty reduction and increased welfare for millions of people. Environmental sustainability and social inclusiveness are key to the resilience of these gains and […]

News • March 5, 2018

GGGI partners with the Colombian Government to support GCF Structured Dialogue in Latin America

The week-long Green Climate Fund’s Structured Dialogue in Latin America kicked off on March 5, 2018, in Bogota, Colombia. The event began with opening remarks by the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón and Green Climate Fund’s Executive Director Howard Bamsey. “I have both personal and presidential commitment to fight against climate change”, said President […]

News • February 21, 2018

Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 – 1st Plenary Meeting of Colombian Chapter

Bogotá – February 21, 2018 – In partnership with the Norwegian Embassy in Colombia, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS) of Colombia and the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 (TFA2020), GGGI co-hosted the first plenary meeting of the TFA2020 Alliance’s Colombian chapter with over 30 stakeholder institutions from the public and private sectors. This […]

News • February 16, 2018

GGGI’s Sub-national Green Growth Program approached to the “Land of Opportunities”

Villavicencio, Meta – February 16 – The GGGI Colombia team initiated the first technical discussion with the Government of Meta, as part of a sub-national green growth program partnered with the Norwegian government. The technical discussion session was attended by local government representatives of Meta, including Chief Secretaries of Planning, Environment, and Agriculture sector, and special […]

News • January 26, 2018

Colombia kick-starts its sub-national program as part of the partnership with the Norwegian government

On January 26, the GGGI Colombia team kick-started its sub-national program as part of the partnership with the Norwegian government, by organizing a technical discussion with local government stakeholders – the first destination is Narino  (Nariño), located South-West in Colombia, a strategic location for green growth implementation due to its geographical diversity mixed with Andean […]

News • January 24, 2018

GGGI Colombia team participates in Bioeconomy Training in Chile

Ms. Monica Parra, Green Growth Officer of the GGGI Colombia team, participated in the Bioeconomy Regional Seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean held on January 24 and 25 in Santiago de Chile. This event was organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC – United Nations, CEPAL in Spanish) in […]

News • January 24, 2018

Catalyzing private investment in Waste to Energy Projects in Colombia

On January 24, the GGGI Colombia team together with experts from the Green Investment Services Unit presented the final results from the study “Innovative business models and financing mechanisms to catalyze private investment for waste to energy projects in Colombia”. The presentation was delivered at the Director of the Environmental and Social Affairs Unit of […]

News • December 1, 2017

Knowledge and experience sharing on forest coverage monitoring in Colombia

On November 28 – December 01, the second Annual Seminar on Forest Coverage Monitoring in Colombia was held in Bogotá, Colombia. This event was supported and funded by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), UNREDD and the Amazon Vision program, among others. The event had the participation of national and international experts, besides having a […]

News • November 30, 2017

Colombia launches partnership to protect Amazon rainforest from deforestation

International Finance Magazine writes about the Amazon Vision Fund in Colombia The Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, an initiative hosted by the World Economic Forum, is joining forces with the Government of Colombia to launch a multistakeholder platform of businesses, civil society organizations and donor agencies to protect over 60 million hectares of Amazon rainforest within its […]


REDD+ Financial Mechanism Colombia
Start Date Q4 2015
Funding Source Core
Approved Budget 0
Status Active
Thematic Area
  • Sustainable Landscapes
Non-Conventional Energies and Energy Efficiency Fund (FENOGE)
Start Date Q1 2017
Funding Source Core
Approved Budget 0
Status Complete
Policy and investment development to advance Colombia´s Long-Term Green Growth Objectives
Start Date Q1 2017
Funding Source Core
Approved Budget USD 1 456 000
Status Active
Thematic Area
  • Sustainable Landscapes
  • Cross Cutting


Colombia: Country Planning Framework 2016-2020 Colombia  • Sustainable Landscapes  • Cross Cutting
Colombia: Country Planning Framework 2016-2020

Colombia  • Sustainable Landscapes  • Cross Cutting

GGGI In-Country Staff

Laura Escobar Acosta

Regional Associate- Country Program

Maria Albarracin

Lead, Investment and Project Finance (Colombia Program)

Sergio Camilo Ortega Pardo

Senior Officer - Colombia Program (REDD/Land Use)

Monica Patricia Parra Acevedo

Officer - Colombia Program (GG Economist)

Miguel Alberto Londoño Gómez

Senior Officer – Green Growth and Post-Conflict (Colombia)

Mario Londono

Officer -Country Program, Colombia (Land-use)

Jose Manuel Sandoval Pedroza

Senior Officer - Colombia Program (GG Planning)

John Alexander Gomez Martinez

Sr Officer- Operations Manager, Colombia

Javier Dario Ortiz Bahamon

Officer - Colombia Program (Rural Development and Sust. Ag )

Carolina Jaramillo

Country Representative - Colombia