Project Reference Profiles – Colombia (CO04) Green growth governance – Scaling up Green Growth Policy implementation and investments via capacity building

At a Glance

Strategic Outcomes SO1, SO2, SO3, SO5
Start Date Q2  20190615
End Date q2 20190630
Funding Source Earmarked
Actual Budget (USD) 178,780
Budget Percentage 100%
Actual Expenditure (USD) 178,806
Status Active
GGGI Share (USD) 0
Poverty and Gender Policy Markers poverty, gender
Name of Client (Lead/Prime implementer if GGGI is part of a consortium) UK BEIS
Participating Organization (Funding/donor) UK BEIS
Name of consortium members, if any Captured below under *
Thematic Area
  • Cross Cutting

Project context, objectives and description

Colombia’s 2018 Green Growth Policy (GGP) establishes a roadmap to be implemented between 2018-2030 and 12 quantitative goals aligned with the NDC. The GGP outlines a series of measures to be addressed by the National Planning Department (DNP) across ministries and sub-national entities to ensure a timely and successful implementation. Empowering DNP with the tools and capacity to coordinate and monitor the GGP implementation will ensure the transformational impact and sustainability of the initiative.

The project objective is to increase the capacity of state and non-state actors to implement, track and monitor Colombia’s GGP (CONPES No. 3934) and mobilize investments in NCRE projects and bioeconomy-based businesses.

The three expected outputs of this project include:

1. Development of three (3) web-based tools: The three tools include an Inclusive Green Growth Index (IGGIndex), an Inclusive Green Growth Training Module (IGGTM) and Green Growth Website (GGW). The IGGIndex, will be developed jointly with DNP, and it will enable the monitoring, reporting and verification of GGP implementation at a sub-national level across 32 Departments. The IGGTM, released via the DNP website, will improve the capacity of local government officials to identify and pursue subnational green growth policies and projects.

2. Strengthening and formalization of Colombia’s Bioeconomy Strategy: The project team will provide on-the-job support to develop Colombia’s Bioeconomy Strategy leveraging international lessons learned and best practices from the UK Bioeconomy Strategy.

3. Identifying and assessing the technical and financial feasibility of three NCRE projects

Type of services provided, and results achieved

Impact: Increased capacity of state and non-state actors to implement, track and monitor Colombia’s Green Growth Policy -GGP- (CONPES No. 3934) and mobilize investments in non-conventional renewable energy projects and bio-economy businesses.

Outcome: N/A

Project Outputs completed in 2019:

i. Green Growth Policies: Expected for 2020

ii. Green Investments:

  • Green investments catalyzed: 3×12 MWp Solar PV Cluster in Gualanday, Tolima, Colombia. GGGI and RAYO have signed a tri-party LOI with GRODCO. CAPEX: US$28,136,500.

iii. Capacity Building and Knowledge Products:

  • 1 Capacity building activity on building National Bioeconomic Strategy

Number of staff provided

Project Manager: Carolina Jaramillo

Chanho Park, Cristian Rivera, Ferruccio Santetti, Marina Brenden, Nataly Pinzon


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