Greening GGGI

GGGI is in the business of ensuring environmental and social sustainability while achieving economic growth in our Member and partner countries.  Therefore, GGGI is committed to promoting sustainability in our day-to-day operations and consistently encourages, assists and advises staff and partners to ensure our activities around the world are green and sustainable.

Greening GGGI Reports

Since 2013, GGGI has been measuring and monitoring its carbon footprint as a step toward sustainable operations. These assessments help GGGI to implement initiatives and projects to strengthen and systematize green office operations.

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Awareness Campaigns

As part of our environmental sustainability efforts, GGGI promotes awareness through various initiatives and campaigns such as Green Office Month and publication of an internal magazine (“Greenism”) to showcase individual and organizational efforts for a greener lifestyle, and continues to focus on globally greening in-house operations and ensuring that GGGI positions itself as a green international organization.

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GGGI Slogan Poster: 9 Ways You can Go Green

GGGI Green Guides

As part of our corporate social responsibility initiative, GGGI has developed guides to support its teams and partner countries around the world deliver daily operations in a green and sustainable way.

Green Event GuideGreen Office Guide

Green Office Evaluations & Pledges

Since 2017, GGGI offices across the globe have been completing the year-end Green Office Self-Evaluations to assess their levels of sustainable office operations and to reflect on challenges and opportunities. Also, each office makes a Pledge with a list of activities it plans to undertake during the upcoming year. All GGGI offices have progressed on their pledges in 2018 to go green in their respective locations, such as minimizing energy use, holding greener events, improving waste management systems, using less paper, implementing community outreach programs, and prioritizing green procurement. For more information, click to see the evaluation for each office below.

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Green Office

In November 2018, GGGI’s Seoul HQ became the first office in the Republic of Korea to receive LEED v4 Gold certification for commercial interior. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building/office rating system in the world, which provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green spaces.

Healthy Workplace

GGGI has installed air quality assessment systems in its offices to collect data that can be used for reporting and evaluation to help improve working environment. Our offices are equipped with devices that measure levels of microdust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, and noise, and these measurements are consolidated and monitored real-time through an online portal.

GGGI Green Ambassadors Worldwide

GGGI Green Ambassadors in offices across the globe are committed to promoting environmentally sustainable operations and encouraging individual green lifestyle both at work and home.  They actively engage GGGI partners and communities in conversation to combat global environmental challenges.