The Council

About the GGGI Council

The Council is the executive organ of the GGGI and consists of no more than seventeen members, of which five are from contributing members and elected by the Assembly, five are from participating members and elected by the Assembly, five are experts or non-state actors appointed by the Council, the host country which holds a permanent seat on the Council, and the Director-General without voting right. Members of the Council serve for two year terms. The Council Bureau consists of one Chair and two Vice-Chairs with terms of two years.

Functions of the Council

The Council is responsible for directing the activities of the GGGI, under guidance of the Assembly, which include

  1. Nominating a Director-General for appointment by the Assembly;
  2. Appointing five experts/non-state actors to the Council;
  3. Approving the GGGI’s strategy, and review the results, monitoring and evaluation framework;
  4. Approving the work program and budget;
  5. Approving audited financial statements;
  6. Approving the admission of new members to the Advisory Committee;
  7. Approving the criteria for country program selection;
  8. Approving the Council’s Sub-Committees’ membership;
  9. Approving staff regulations and other regulations of GGGI;
  10. Appointing an external auditor;
  11. Adopting its rules of procedures; and
  12. Performing other functions delegated by the Assembly or conferred in the Agreement.

Members of the Council

Previous Sessions of the Council

Inaugural Council (Seoul, Oct 23-24, 2012) DOCS / SUMMARY

2nd Council (Abu Dhabi, Jan 17, 2013) DOCS / SUMMARY

3rd Council (Songdo, Jun 8-9, 2013) DOCS / SUMMARY

4th Council (Songdo, Dec 5-6, 2013) DOCS / SUMMARY

5th Council (Seoul, Jun 19-20, 2014) DOCS / SUMMARY

6th Council (Songdo, Nov 18, 2014) DOCS / SUMMARY

7th Council (Bali, Jul 23-24, 2015) DOCS / SUMMARY

4th Assembly & 8th Council (Seoul, Nov 18-19, 2015) DOCS / SUMMARY

5th Assembly & 9th Council (Jeju, Sep 9, 2016) DOCS /SUMMARY

6th Assembly & 10th Council (Addis Ababa, Oct 19, 2017) DOCS / SUMMARY

7th Assembly & 11th Council (Seoul, Oct 2018) DOCS / SUMMARY

8th Assembly & 12th Council (Seoul, Oct 24, 2019) DOCS / SUMMARY

9th Assembly & 13th Council (Seoul, Oct 12-23, 2020) DOCS / SUMMARY