About the MPSC

The Management and Program Sub-Committee of the Council (MPSC) is the advisory body to the Council. It is comprised of Members of the Council who express their interest to serve on the MPSC, and it shall be comprised of at least one contributing, one participating, and one expert/non-state actor Member of the Council. Members of the MPSC have a term of two years.

Functions of the MPSC

According to the Terms of Reference for the MPSC, the functions of the MPSC are to advise the Council in carrying out its responsibilities in overseeing GGGI’s:

  1. Financial reporting and audit;
  2. Programmatic activities;
  3. Partnerships and global outreach; and
  4. Internal oversight.

For further details, please see the Terms of Reference of the MPSC.

MPSC Members in 2023

For the full list of MPSC Members since 2016, see LINK

Previous Sessions of the MPSC

1st MPSC (Apr 2015) (closed session)

2nd MPSC (Jul 2015) (closed session)

3rd MPSC (Apr 2016) (closed session)

4th MPSC (Apr 2016) (closed session)

5th MPSC (Apr 2017) SUMMARY

6th MPSC (Jul 2017) SUMMARY

7th MPSC (Apr 2018) SUMMARY

8th MPSC (Jul 2018) SUMMARY

9th MPSC (Apr 2019) SUMMARY

10th MPSC (Jul 2019) SUMMARY

11th MPSC (Apr 2020) SUMMARY

12th MPSC (Jul 2020) SUMMARY

13th MPSC (Jun 2021) SUMMARY

14th MPSC (April 2022) SUMMARY

15th MPSC (July 2022) SUMMARY