Membership and Accession

Since its establishment as an international organization in 2012, GGGI’s membership has grown from 18 founding signatories to the Agreement on the Establishment of GGGI (the “Establishment Agreement”). An enlarged membership offers the opportunity for GGGI to have a stronger global voice and reach; drawing upon the experience and lessons learning from a broader pool of green growth experiences.

Who can become a Member?

Membership to GGGI is open to any Member state of the United Nations or regional integration organization that subscribes to the objectives of GGGI, in accordance with Article 5.1 of the Establishment Agreement:

GGGI promotes sustainable development of developing and emerging countries, including the least developed countries, by:

a. supporting and diffusing a new paradigm of economic growth: green growth, which is a balanced advance of economic growth and environmental sustainability;
b. targeting key aspects of economic performance and resilience, poverty reduction, job creation and social inclusion, and those of environmental sustainability such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity protection and securing access to affordable, clean energy, clean water and land; and
c. creating and improving the economic, environmental and social conditions of developing and emerging countries through partnerships between developed and developing countries and the public and private sectors.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What are the benefits and obligations of Membership?

GGGI’s Members benefit from,

  • Access to knowledge sharing and good practice. All Members have access to knowledge products for scaling up green growth solutions, and involvement in knowledge exchange to identify good practices and approaches that may be applied in different country contexts.
  • Technical assistance delivered through a mix of global-, regional- and country-specific programming, guided, funded through voluntary core and (program and project) earmarked contributions) from GGGI’s growing number of partners.

All Members serve on the Assembly, the supreme organ of GGGI that meets once a year back-to-back with the Council. Members may stand for election and serve on the Council, GGGI’s executive organ. Membership does not require any obligatory (annual) financial contributions. However, Members are encouraged to support the GGGI and ensure its financial stability through voluntary contributions, active engagement in activities or other appropriate means.

What are the steps to become a Member?

Membership to GGGI requires a member state of the United Nations / regional integration organization to complete the formalities required for the Establishment Agreement to have the force of law of a treaty. The member state of the United Nations / regional integration organization will become a Member of GGGI on the thirtieth day after the deposit of its Instrument of Accession to the Director-General of GGGI.

Recognizing that ratification, acceptance or approval of the Establishment Agreement takes time, member states of the United Nations / regional integration organizations are encouraged to submit a letter of intent to become a Member of GGGI to the Director-General. The letter of intent should contain an unambiguous statement that the Government is committed to the objectives of GGGI and is initiating the process to ratify the Establishment Agreement, as well as communicate the full name and title of the Minister appointed as the focal point for matters of accession.

In parallel with accession, GGGI seeks privileges and immunities for the proper functioning in Member countries, as provided for under the Establishment Agreement. The agreement on privileges and immunities provides a framework to facilitate GGGI’s presence, operations and activities in the country. The agreements confer on GGGI and its personnel privileges, immunities and exemptions customarily afforded to international organizations to enable it to function efficiently in the country as an international organization.

Which Countries and Regional Integration Organizations are in the stage of accession to become a GGGI Member?

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The Lead for Governance coordinate engagement with members states of the United Nations and regional integration organizations that express interest in membership to GGGI.

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