Effective long-term partnerships underpin GGGI’s efforts to accelerate the transition to a model of green growth nationally, regionally, and globally.

The transformation of countries‘ economies into a green growth model at national and subnational levels requires partnerships with institutions that share the same vision of a sustainable and inclusive green growth model. GGGI partners with governments, civil society, and the private sector to develop innovative green growth development solutions, project financing and investment, and sharing of knowledge and country lessons. These partnerships create synergies and complementarity to advance the green growth agenda at regional and global stages; build consistency in advocacy to policymakers, financiers, and other stakeholders; and demonstrate efficiency in the use of resources to support countries and initiatives at national and subnational levels.

Membership and Accession

​​​​​​Since its establishment as an international organization in 2012, GGGI’s membership has grown from 18 founding signatories to the Agreement on the Establishment of GGGI (the “Establishment Agreement”). An enlarged membership offers the opportunity for GGGI to have a stronger global voice and reach; drawing upon the experience and lessons learning from a broader pool of green growth experiences. Learn more about who can become a Member, what are the benefits and obligations of membership, what is the process to become a Member, and which UN member states and regional integration organizations have submitted a letter of intent to become a Member.

Our Resource Partners

GGGI’s operations are made possible through the support of a growing number of resource partners that share the Institute’s goals and objectives, including governments, international institutions, private foundations.  GGGI is an ODA-eligible and EU pillar-assessed international organization. As part of GGGI’s commitment to transparency, it publishes detailed information on its funding sources, funding amounts received, and the projects supported through its audited annual financial statements. Learn more about who are our resource partners.