Overall Objective

GGGI is supporting the Government of Morocco to translate its National Sustainable Development Strategy and NDC from the national to local level. This will develop integrated green territories for accelerating green growth in Morocco’s urban and rural areas.

Strategic Outcome Targets

GHG Reductions Target Setting in Progress
Green Jobs Target Setting in Progress
Sustainable Services Target Setting in Progress
Air Quality Target Setting in Progress
Ecosystem Services Target Setting in Progress
Enhanced Adaptation to Climate Change Target Setting in Progress
Nicole Perkins

Country Representative, Morocco

Resource Partner

Earmarked (UAE)

Government Counterpart

Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development, Secretariat of State in charge of Sustainable Development (SEDD)

Ministry Delegate in Charge of Environment

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Transport, Equipment, Logistics and Water

Secretariat of State for Transport


Morocco has begun to make significant efforts towards addressing climate change, with an emphasis on energy, agriculture and urban development. Sixty one percent of Moroccans live in urban areas. Eight cities have a population of over 500,000 people, compared to three in 1985. It is expected that by 2020, two thirds of Morocco’s population will be living in cities. A significant priority of the government is local governance and regionalization that emphasizes local development, job creation and balanced economic growth.

The Government of Morocco (GoM) has been cultivating an inclusive green economy for a number of years in collaboration with international development partners. Additionally, the National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS), conceptualizes territories as sustainable ecosystems, and aims to improve design, coordination and implementation of urban interventions and rural-urban linkages. Such examples provide a strong foundation for GGGI’s Morocco country program, which encompasses green territorial development, the circular and social solidarity economy, and localizing the NSDS.

GGGI supports the Moroccan government’s commitment to transition to a green economy, one of the pillars of the National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS).

GGGI is accompanying the NSDS, Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation process, aimed at promoting a green, inclusive, integrated and sustainable development model at the sub- national level. Its technical support focuses on the development of policies and incentives, identification and design of bankable projects, and assistance in mobilizing funding for their implementation, in alignment with the advanced regionalization process adopted by the Kingdom of Morocco.

Support to the Ministry of Interior

Support to subnational authorities to access green financing for the implementation of programs and bankable projects, through the:

1. Design and establishment of a multi-sector National Financing Vehicle (NFV) to help territories (regions, municipalities and communes) access green finance;

2. Design of a capacity building program to accompany the Regional Project Execution Agencies (AREPs) in the prioritization and preparation of bankable, sustainable and inclusive projects to create a pipeline financeable via the NFV.

Support to the Secretariat of State to the Minister of Energy, Mines, and Sustainable Development, in charge of Sustainable Development

Support in structuring the value chain of the used tire recycling sector, in partnership with the European Used Tire Recyclers Association (ETRA), through the:

1. Mobilization of project funding;
2. Structuring of a used tire value chain;
3. Recommendations of favorable conditions for the implementation of a used tire material recovery sector.

Support to the Secretariat of State to the Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, in charge of Transport

Support in the transition to sustainable and inclusive low carbon mobility, through the:

1. Development of a CO2-based bonus-malus system for low carbon transport;
2. Redesign of the vehicle renewal and scrapping program in Morocco;
3. Strengthening of rural transport by developing public transport and/or shared mobility business models and associated financing packages;
Assistance with the transition from EURO 4 to EURO 6 vehicle emissions standards;
4. Technical and financial support for SMEs (loaders and logistics service providers) in their transition to green logistics through the introduction of a “Green Logistics” concept as part of the SME LOGIS program.


News • March 3, 2020

One-day Consultative Workshop in Morocco on Policy Approaches under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Rabat, Morocco February 11, 2020 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in close collaboration with the Department of Environment within the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment and with support from the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment organized a one-day consultation workshop on Policy Approaches under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. The […]

News • December 30, 2019

GGGI supports the Moroccan Government to receive a grant from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to Enhance Access to Climate Finance in Morocco’s Regions

Rabat, Morocco, December 30, 2019 – The Green Climate Fund (GCF) Secretariat has approved the Readiness proposal for the Kingdom of Morocco for 400,242 USD, to enhance access to climate finance in Morocco’s regions, in accordance with the terms of the framework Readiness and Preparatory Support Grant Agreement between GCF and GGGI. GGGI, who provided […]

News • December 3, 2019

COP 25 Side Event – Access to Financial and Technical Support for NDC Implementation: Challenges and Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, in Madrid, the Government of Morocco will hold the Access to Financial and Technical Support for NDC Implementation: Challenges and Innovative & Sustainable Solutions event on the sidelines of COP 25. The event aims to discuss the challenges and solutions related to technical and financial support of Nationally Determined Contributions […]

News • October 29, 2019

Inter-ministerial steering committee established for the GGGI Morocco program

24 October 2019 Rabat, Morocco. The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Morocco team and the Department of Environment at the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment jointly organized the first inter-ministerial steering committee meeting for the GGGI Morocco program. The committee purpose is to provide strategic advice on the design and implementation of the program, […]

News • June 12, 2019

15 shortlisted participants of the Greenpreneurs 2019 program to take part in a global competition

June 12, Seoul, Republic of Korea – Out of more than 200 participants, 15 were shortlisted from GGGI’s Member countries and countries where GGGI has operations, including Cambodia, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Jordan, Morocco, Nepal, the Philippines, Rwanda, Uganda, the UAE, and Vanuatu. This year, GGGI is pleased to have a variety of project ideas designed […]

News • December 20, 2018

GGGI promotes green growth during a workshop for engineering students on Sustainable Development Goals

Rabat, Morocco, December 20 – UNESCO, IAV Hassan II (Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II) and ANAFIDE (National Association for Land Improvement, Irrigation, Drainage and Environment) have co-organized a sensitization workshop on the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for engineering students and young engineers, with emphasis placed on the SDGs related to water, […]

News • December 19, 2018

Workshop on the National greenhouse gas Inventory System (NIS-GHG)

December 19, Rabat, Morocco – Abdelmajid Bennis, GGGI’s Morocco Program Officer represented the GGGI Morocco team in a workshop organized by the Secretary of State in charge of Sustainable Development in collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The workshop convened representatives from various sectors, as well as experts from international organizations. This ambitious […]


Morocco green cities and territories development
Start Date Q4 2017
Funding Source Partner
Approved Budget USD 824 000
Status Active
Thematic Area
  • Green Cities

GGGI In-Country Staff

Nicole Perkins

Country Representative, Morocco