Key Actors Engagement workshop for the pre-feasibility study for energy recovery from organic waste in the Tangier Region-Morocco

As part of the “Resilient Recovery Rapid Readiness Support in the Kingdom of Morocco” Program in support of the Organic Waste to Energy Program (OWtE), a workshop was held on July 5 with the participation of key stakeholders both from National and Subnational level.

The opening remarks of the workshop was made by Mr. Lhoussine Khidour, Regional Director within the Regional Directorate of the Environment Tangier Tetouan Al Houceima, who recalled the importance of the technical assistance provided by the GGGI which ai ms to support the region in the inclusive and sustainable management of its organic waste.

The Workshop was dedicated to the launch of the implementation activities related to the Readiness program in the first selected region (Tangier-Tetouan-Al Houceima) with a main objective of ensuring the commitment of the key regional actors for the development of a pre-feasibility study for energy recovery from organic waste.

The Consulting Firm expert, provided explanations on the possibility of combining several options according to the needs of the project leader (electricity + hot water + steam), and a pre-feasibility study should be developed with all actors to address their needs.  Building on the pre-feasibility study results, the program will develop and aggregate 11 to 15 independent projects, led by private operators or PPPs, specific to each province / municipality.