The Angola Ministry of Environment launches the first Blue Skies & Net Zero 2050 Campaign in Africa

Angola joins Blue Skies & Net Zero 2050 Global Campaign

13 April, Luanda, Angola – The Government of Angola and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) successfully launched the first global Blue Skies & Net Zero 2050 Campaign in Africa, aimed at raising public awareness on air pollution and tackling the climate crisis in Africa. The hybrid event was attended by over 40 Angolan and global actors, including stakeholders from local governments, ministerial agencies, the public and private sectors, research and academia, development partners, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, and local and regional media houses.

H.E Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the GGGI’s President of the Assembly and Chair of the Council, and the 8th Secretary General of the United Nation, via video message, applauded the Government of Angola for its commitment to reduce its carbon intensity in the production of electric power, to develop hydro-electric plants, and to produce 78% of the country’s electric power. Madame Paula Camuhoto, Secretary of State of the Government of Angola, also highlighted several measures taken by the Angolan government to address the impacts of climate change, including revising its Nationally Determined Contributions, which brought forward its target year for cutting emissions from 2030 to 2025 with the objective of reducing GHG emissions up to 14% compared to Business as Usual.

During the event, Mr. Luis Constantino, the National Director for Climate Action and Sustainable Development, presented Angola’s National Strategy for Climate Change and noted that the campaign aligned with the government’s strategy aimed at reducing the carbon intensity of electric energy production as well as complementary actions in the field of sustainable management of forests, transport, and agriculture. Dr. Malle Fofana, GGGI Africa Director, gave a detailed presentation on the Legal Framework that supports the Net Zero Campaign, highlighting possible solutions critical to reducing the impact of air pollution and climate change in communities and countries. Ms. Hassana Lima, Director General, National Institute for Environmental Management, explained Angola’s air quality and the environmental legislation, implementation of the national program, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, and program coordination with national stakeholders.

The event also saw the participation of H.E. Choi Kwang-Jin, Ambassador of Korea to Angola, who congratulated the government of Angola and reiterated his commitment to collaborating and supporting Angola in becoming a NetZero country. The Campaign for Blue Skies & Net Zero 2050 started and is led by the Republic of Korea, serving as a platform to demonstrate the support the Korean Government’s commitment to a net zero emissions target by 2050.

Moving forward, the Ministry of Environment in Angola will engage with other line ministries to develop the roadmap for implementation of the campaign, which will set the action plans, benchmarks, and necessary capacity needed to achieve the NetZero target.
The Vice President welcomed the GGGI team and showed content on the launch of the NetZero Campaign, the high delegates it attracted and the impact it will have on Angola’s fight against GHG emissions. She also vouched to lead and champion the campaign.
The Blue Skies, Net Zero Campaign serves as a platform to bring together governments, businesses, civil society groups, and the public sector to build stronger public awareness of both air pollution and the climate crisis and to demonstrate support for ambitious, bold actions to tackle greenhouse gas reduction.

Watch the full recording of the launch here