Overall Objective

GGGI’s objective in Mozambique is to address institutional and financial barriers inhibiting the increase in and access to sustainably generated electricity.

Strategic Outcome Targets

GHG Reductions Target Setting in Progress
Green Jobs Target Setting in Progress
Sustainable Services Target Setting in Progress
Air Quality Target Setting in Progress
Ecosystem Services Target Setting in Progress
Enhanced Adaptation to Climate Change Target Setting in Progress
Resource Partner

GGGI Core Funding

Government Counterpart

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MIREME)

Ministry of Lands, Environment, and Rural Development (MITADER)

Ministry of Finance


Mozambique’s strong economic performance of annual 7.2% growth over the past decade has been fueled by foreign direct investment in agriculture and infrastructure. Economic growth, however, has not been equitable with a relatively unchanged national poverty rate that sees 39% of the total population living in rural poverty.

In 2013, the Government of Mozambique (GoM) adopted the Green Economy Action Plan which consists of three key pillars: sustainable infrastructure; efficient and sustainable use of resources; and strengthening resilience and adaptability. These pillars serve as entry points for green growth. The country’s abundant natural energy resources represent a significant opportunity for the GoM to address the country’s persistent energy challenges and to utilize resources sustainably to deliver benefits for the whole population.

At present, approximately 45% of the population has access to electricity, with biomass representing 80% of total energy consumption. Therefore, addressing institutional and financial barriers to increase energy supply and access remains a high priority. While much work has been done to improve electricity transmission to grid-connected locales, off-grid rural communities continue to face low rates of electrification and therefore limited access to markets and employment opportunities.


News • October 15, 2018

GGGI facilitated a multi-stakeholder workshop on the offgrid renewables for universal electricity access and NDC implementation in Mozambique

October 15, Maputo, Mozambique – Mozambique is at the crossroads of development, and ensuring universal electrification of its rural population is key to achieving multiple Sustainable Development Goals of Mozambique. The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in partnership with Mozambique’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MIREME) and  the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural […]


Scaling up Pro-poor Renewable Energy in Mozambique
Start Date Q1 2017
Funding Source Core
Approved Budget USD 1 667 000
Status Active
Thematic Area
  • Sustainable Energy


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