The Assembly

About the GGGI Assembly

The Assembly is the supreme organ of the GGGI and is composed of all GGGI Members, meeting once a year as a joint session with the Council. The Assembly Bureau consists of the President and two Vice-Presidents.

Functions of the Assembly

The Assembly is responsible for electing Members to the Council, appointing the Director-General, considering and adopting amendments to the Establishment Agreement, advising on the overall direction of the GGGI’s work, reviewing progress in meeting the GGGI’s objectives, receiving reports from the Secretariat on strategic, operational and financial matters, and providing guidance on cooperative partnerships and linkages with other international bodies.

Previous Sessions of the Assembly

Inaugural Assembly (Seoul, Oct 23-24, 2012)  DOCS / SUMMARY

2nd Assembly (New York, Sep 27, 2013) DOCS / SUMMARY

3rd Assembly (Songdo, Nov 18, 2014) DOCS / SUMMARY

4th Assembly (Seoul, Nov 18-19, 2015) DOCS1 DOCS2 DOCS3 / SUMMARY

5th Assembly & 9th Council (Jeju, Sep 9, 2016) DOCS / SUMMARY

6th Assembly & 10th Council (Addis Ababa, Oct 19, 2017) DOCS / SUMMARY

7th Assembly & 11th Council (Seoul, Oct 2018) DOCS / SUMMARY

8th Assembly & 12th Council (Seoul, Oct 24, 2019) DOCS / SUMMARY

9th Assembly & 13th Council (Seoul/hybrid Oct 12-28, 2020) DOCS / SUMMARY

10th Assembly & 14th Council (Seoul/hybrid Oct 11-22, 2021) DOCS / SUMMARY

11th Assembly & 15th Council (Seoul, Oct 27, 2022) DOCS / SUMMARY