8th Session of the Assembly and 12th Session of the Council

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Agenda 1: Provisional Agenda A/2019/AG/1-C/2019/AG/1
Agenda 3: Director General’s Progress Report A/2019/2-C/2019/2
Agenda 4: Report of the Management and Program Sub-Committee (2 documents: Summary of MPSC 9 & 10) MPSC/2019/12&MPSC/2019/20
Agenda 5: GGGI Strategy 2030 (2 documents: Internal and External Versions) A/2019/1-C/2019/1
Agenda 6(a): Report on Programs and Operations A/2019/3-C/2019/3
Agenda 6(b): Membership, Accession and Country Programming A/2019/4-C/2019/4
Agenda 6(c): Update on Travel Management A/2019/5-C/2019/5
Agenda 6(d): GGGI Staff Council A/2019/6-C/2019/6
Agenda 7(a): Update on 2019 Operational Budget A/2019/7-C/2019/7
Agenda 7(b): Draft 2020 Operational Budget A/2019/8-C/2019/8
Agenda 8: Independence of Internal Oversight Function A/2019/9-C/2019/9
Agenda 9(a): Election of Members of the Council for 2020-2021 A/2019/9-C/2019/9
Agenda 9(b): Appointment of Expert/Non-state Actors to Serve on the Council in 2020-2021 C/2019/3
Agenda 9(c): Provisional Dates for 2020 Sessions of Governance Organs A/2019/9-C/2019/9
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