Special Review of Strategic Plan 2015-2020: Commitments Delivered and Key Results

This special review report serves as a synthesis of GGGI’s key achievements and results across the entire 6-year implementation period of the Strategic Plan 2015-20.  The review covers all projects that were reported against GGGI’s 3 Intermediate Outcomes in Strategy 2015-20, namely, (a) policy adoption, (b) green investment commitment mobilization, and (c) capacity building and knowledge sharing.

The report documents key steps undertaken to adopt and mainstream the new impact framework in the form of GGGI’s six long-term Strategic Outcomes and provides an overview of non-programmatic results against targets in budget allocation, spending, and increase in earmarked funding. A set of organization-wide lessons learned, that are relevant to effective implementation of the Strategy 2030, are also outlined.

The review findings and lessons are presented in the Main Report, while the detailed results for Intermediate Outcomes and non-programmatic areas can be found in the accompanying Appendices. The review was conducted by the Impact and Evaluation Unit (IEU) of GGGI, and was commissioned by GGGI’s Management.