Special Review of Strategic Plan 2015-2020: Commitments Delivered and Key Results (2021)

In November 2014, the Council approved the Strategic Plan 2015-20, GGGI’s first strategy, which provided for the first time a clear set of strategic directions to guide the organization’s work over the following 6-year period. In 2017, following the appointment of a new Director‑General, the strategy was reviewed and updated, resulting in the Refreshed Strategic Plan 2015-20. The Refreshed Plan was approved by the Council in October 2017.

The Special Review of Strategic Plan 2015-2020: Commitments Delivered and Key Results (the Review) serves as a final synthesis of GGGI’s key achievements and results against the Strategic Plan as a primary product for communicating GGGI’s results, and provide lessons learned that are relevant to the effective implementation of Strategy 2030. The Review covered all GGGI’s results between January 2015 and December 2020, across all countries, and all thematic areas.

Key Evaluations Questions

  1. Have the adopted policies made progress in green growth in practice?
  2. How did GGGI help mobilize green investments?
  3. How did GGGI help build capacity for green growth?

Key findings

  • GGGI supported Members and partner governments to adopt 152 green growth policies between 2015‑20 almost twice the cumulative target of 80 green growth policies set in the Strategic Plan.
  • Cumulative investment commitments supported by GGGI amounted to USD 2+ billion, over 60 times the target of USD 30 million set in 2015 and three times the revised target of USD 0.6 billion set in 2017.
  • GGGI delivered 1,153 capacity-building activities and published 475 knowledge products, almost double the target to 250 set in the Strategic Plan.

Key lessons

  • Knowledge regarding GGGI’s interventions has, in the past, not been adequately transferred following changes in staff, particularly in smaller teams, and weak results-based management. However, Management has recognized this risk and invested significant resources to strengthen results-based management.
  • GGGI has helped to secure investment commitments and most commitments are now moving to implementation. The articulation of Global Operational Priorities and 10 Programmatic Solutions under Strategy 2030 will help GGGI to scale its investments. However, GGGI should adopt a structured approach to scaling up investment projects.
  • Gaps remain in being able to effectively measure and communicate how GGGI is strengthening capacity of Government counterparts and other key stakeholders. GGGI should adopt a standard approach to collect information about capacity development activities and find cost-effective ways to demonstrate increase in knowledge and skills.
  • Gaps remain in the utilization of GGGI’s knowledge products for policy and investment work. GGGI recognizes the need to ensure that efforts to develop knowledge products closely align with the needs of country programs and the delivery of in-country results.

Evaluation summary

Background documents

  • An Approach Paper was shared with the Management Team in October 2020 and the Management and Program Sub‑Committee in February 2021. Although originally conceived as an evaluation, through discussions with Management, the document became a Review. As such, Management did not prepare a specific response as per other evaluations.
  • Detailed results against individual Intermediate Outcomes and non-programmatic areas can be found in the Appendices to the Special Review Report.