GGGI and SENA strengthen environmental, biotechnology, and energy knowledge networks

Bogotá, Colombia; November 30, 2021 – GGGI, together with the National Learning Service – SENA, carried out the webinar ‘Green Growth for economic reactivation: opportunities from technical and technological training in Colombia’, strengthening SENA’s educational community on their knowledge of bioeconomy, forestry economy, and rural electrification under the framework of Green Growth, the 2030 Agenda, and economic reactivation.

The event was part of the UK PACT project that we developed in partnership with SENA, DNP, and Minciencias to accelerate the development of new bioeconomy businesses and improve capacities to promote green jobs with a greater ambition for climate action.

Expert presentations from the National Planning Department – DNP, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information, the Institute for Planning and Promotion of Energy Solutions for Non-Interconnected Zones – IPSE, GGGI, the Bogota Chamber of Commerce nurtured the academic agenda, which also included a panel with leaders from the bioproducts industry: Agrosavia and Bioingred. The webinar attracted the attendance of over 80 SENA apprentices, advisers, and instructors from different parts of Colombia looking to update and strengthen their knowledge. SENA’s leading instructors received the necessary tools to improve their teaching-learning processes.

Cristian Rivera, GGGI Colombia’s Green Growth Implementation Officer who also manages the project, led the event and highlighted SENA’s commitment to promoting Green Growth as a feasible development path based on the country’s environmental, biotechnology and energy sectors. In this regard, Juan David Aristizábal, SENA’s Cooperation Advisor, thanked GGGI for their support and stated: “We recognize that SENA is called upon to promote these transformations through training, entrepreneurship, and certification of competencies, and we move forward as an entity in the face of this challenge. We are convinced that with greater efforts to articulate results in spaces as important as this one, we can provide better opportunities for citizens, which will translate into greater development and competitiveness for the country.”

Find the full webinar here. (Only available in Spanish)