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News • January 25, 2022

GGGI and Norway join the second phase of the Legal Timber Pact in Colombia

December 2, 2021; Bogotá, Colombia – Identified as one of the alternatives to face deforestation in Colombia and promote the forest economy based on forest goods and services, the Intersectoral Pact for Legal Timber in Colombia – PIMLC, initiates a new phase within the framework of the environmental agenda and the country’s commitments to 2030. […]

News • November 29, 2021

GGGI promotes Green Growth and Forest Economy in Antioquia

Antioquia, November 19, 2021. GGGI took part in BioExpo 2021, the essential Green Business fair in Latin America. The activities included the certification of 57 Antioquia municipalities in Green Growth, meetings with the Acting Governor of Antioquia, the Antioquia Municipal Management and certain mayors, and a conference on forest economy. These were held in the […]