Division Archive

Investment and Policy Solutions

Bertha Wakisa Chiudza

Senior Officer, Climate Action and Inclusive Development division

Tero Tapio Raassina

Principal Investment Specialist

Thinh Ngoc Tran

Investment Officer, Viet Nam

Nishant Bhardwaj

Deputy Director/Global Sector Lead for Renewable Energy

Susanne Pedersen

Assistant Director-General for Investment and Policy Solutions

Christina Cheong

Specialist – Green Cities

Yudy Sanjaya Lim

Indonesia Investment Officer

Shomi Kim

Analyst- Policy Solutions

Roxane Chritine M. Castelein

Analyst - GIS- Fiji/Vanuatu

Peter Vos

Deputy Director and Head of Water

Muharrem Kemal Askin

Principal-Policy Solutions (Energy)

Mark Gibson

Principal-Policy Solutions (Land Use)

Lasse Ringius

Director and Head of GIS

Ingvild Solvang

Sustainability & Safeguards Manager

Fenella Aouane

Principal Green Finance Specialist

Donovan Storey

Deputy Director and Head of Green Cities

Christophe Assicot

Green Investment Specialist

Christopher Dickinson

Deputy Director, Head of Sustainable Landscapes

Amadou Lamine Fall

Analyst - GIS- Senegal/Uganda

Aarsi Sagar

Officer -Policy Solution (Green Cities)