Siddhartha Nauduri

Siddhartha Nauduri is a Senior Analyst for Green House Gas (GHG) Data Measurement and Verification for Transparent MRV. In this role, Siddhartha develops GHG data measurement and verification guidelines, assesses the status and requirement of national, sub-national and sector level GHG emission accounting, and emission Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) activities and collects data, identify methodologies and calculate the baseline emission.

Sid has over 10 years of professional experience in advisory and implementation services in principles of climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental regulations. Throughout his career, he provided greenhouse gas (GHG) MRV design and implementation guidance through various levels: from projects to national inventories of international governments.

He has previously worked with UNFCCC supporting countries to fulfill their MRV obligations, and training international experts on the MRV requirements of UNFCCC. He has worked in several developing and developed countries, assisting private organizations and local governments access carbon finance and improve their environmental performance through implementing quality management systems.

He has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, Masters in Energy Engineering and a PG Certificate in Sustainability.