The New Climate Economy (NCE) Report : Growth with Equity and Mitigating Climate Change Can be Done Simultaneously

Jakarta: 7 November 2014, The Bahasa Indonesia version of the New Climate Economyreport entitled “Better Growth, Better Climate” was launched today at an event hosted by the National REDD+ Agency (BP REDD+) in partnership with the United Nations Office for REDD+ Coordination in Indonesia (UNORCID). Indonesia is as one of the commissioning countries supporting the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, together with Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Columbia, South Korea and Ethiopia.

The NCE Report contains ten Global Actions Plans, of whichthreediscuss land use issues. In this context, agricultural production is key and raising productivity will bea central part of the solution.
The report calls for stopping deforestation of natural forests by 2030, restoring at least 500 million hectares of lost or degraded forests and agricultural lands by 2030, and accelerating the shift away from polluting coal fired power generation. The importance of forest governance along with a sound restructuring of the political economy of forests and peat lands is also stressed.

Country Director for Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Indonesia, Anna van Paddenburg noted” In Indonesia, such growth is possible. Key is an enabling environment with consistent and conducive policies that incentivizes and reduces risks for green investors.”
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