Osée Yelkouni

Osée Yelkouni joined GGGI Burkina Faso country program as Program Officer, Energy program, February 22nd 2021. In his role, Osée has to provide technical support on the development and implementation of green energy projects, monitoring of national financing vehicles in the sector based on the feasibility study, supporting the development and implementation of flagship projects, creation of energy projects, and development of proposals.

Prior to joining GGGI, Osée worked with AFRITECH Energy, a company specialized in the development of energy solutions, as  Study Manager. He was also an Assistant Engineer to the Head of the Research Action Innovation Department in the NGO CEAS Burkina. Where, he supported the implementation of three projects, including the following projects:

  • Energy for Life Project (Support project for the promotion of renewable energies) financed by CEAS SUISSE;
  • Accelerate the application of regional policies on clean energy in West Africa” funded by SUSTAINABLE ENERGY;
  • Voice for Change (V4C)” project in partnership with SNV financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He was also Head of the department responsible for the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency at the National Agency for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency of Burkina Faso (ANEREE).

Osée holds a Master Degree in Solar Energy Technology and Application at Ouagadougou University and Master degree in Renewable Energy Technology and Management at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.