Senegal Virtual Launch Event for the Tivaouane Wastewater Management Project

On June 24, the GGGI Senegal team, in collaboration with the Municipality of Tivaouane, hosted a virtual launch event for the “Wastewater Management” project for Senegal’s secondaries cities financed by the Government of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Over 58 participants attended the event which was entirely virtual due to COVID-19 safety measures. The prefect of the Tivaouane district chaired the ceremony with the presence of the Mayor of Tivaouane Municipality, a representative from the Grand Duche de Luxembourg, Chief of the Dakar Embassy, GGGI Senegal Country Representative, Senegal National Sanitation Office General Manager, and Senegal National Sanitation Director.

The prefect delivered the opening remarks and addressed congratulations to GGGI Senegal for this innovative event format.

Session 1 commenced with speeches from the main officials of the project. This session highlighted the dedication shown by the Mayor whom talked about Tivaouane’s potential after being an eligible secondary city for the project. “The spirituality and the cultural agenda of the town is in accordance with green cities initiatives, and the government implemented a drain sludge station deployed from a sanitation program begun in 2018 and should cover over 5,000 households. So this project will reinforce the value chain ecosystem.”

Session 2 began with a presentation by Abdoulaye Faye, Sanitation Specialist at GGGI Senegal, showcasing the objectives, impact, and results expected for the project. Overall, 700 green jobs are estimated to be created from the project, as well as the promotion of sustainable green services and the creation of PPP business models in the line with national policies.

As presented in the work plan during the event, sanitation services feasibility studies should be developed this year in order to analyze the local public toilets services, elaborate technical solutions, and design a business model.