Rwanda seeks to invest in green growth approach

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rwanda seeks to invest in green growth approach

Use of firewood for cooking is a practice that will be avoided


KIGALI, Rwanda – The country hopes to transform into a developed country by 2050 by adopting the green growth strategy. Rwanda hopes to have a strong servicing sector where industry and agriculture will have a minimal impact on environment and will be hedged on resource use efficiency, operating in a sustainable way.

This was said recently by the Minister of Natural Resources of  Rwanda Stanislas Kamanzi during the Africa Development Bank conference themed: The next 50 years. The Africa we want. “Rwanda developed a national strategy for climate change and low carbon development in 2011 with three main purposes: Guiding the national policy and planning in an integrated fashion, mainstreaming climate change into the sectors of its economy, and positioning Rwanda to access international funding to be able to achieve climate resilience and low carbon development,” the minister said.

Green growth is the selection of economic activities that promote environmental change for social development that does not harm the environment or human welfare. Rwanda is looking at this initiative in its endeavors of achieving such a great element to development.

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