Rwanda Green Building Minimum Compliance System

At a Glance

Publication Date April 2019
Format pdf
Country Rwanda
Thematic Areas Green Cities, Sustainable Energy, Cross Cutting

The Rwanda Green Building Minimum Compliance System is a technical document developed by Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) with core technical support from GGGI, Building Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore and Rwanda Green Building Organization (RwGBO) – establishment supported by GGGI. The system is conceived as simple, effective and environmental performance-oriented green building indicators designed to promote energy & water efficiency, environmental protection, better Indoor Environmental Quality to building occupants and green innovation. The system is mandatory in nature and would be applicable for new Category 4 & 5 buildings. The Government of Rwanda in the cabinet meeting held on 03 April 2019 approved the Ministerial Order determining Urban planning and Building regulations. The Rwanda Green Building Minimum Compliance System which is an Annex 3 to the Ministerial Order along with the revised Rwanda Building Code 2019.

GGGI resource embedded in the RHA supported the government and partners in drafting the green building minimum compliance system document, conducting stakeholder consultations that helped in refining the compliance system, providing technical support for the awareness programs on the system, providing technical inputs, editing, and proofreading.

The excel-based templates for the Rwanda Green Building Minimum Compliance System were developed by GGGI for the Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) to support the implementation of the system.  The tool was developed and for Architects, Engineers and Building professionals who can fill in the project design information for the attempted green building indicators and score points to meet the minimum threshold.  Further allowing the building permitting and inspection officers to verify the information provided in the excel tool with the documentary evidence and as-built conditions and grant building/occupancy permit after achieving satisfactory compliance.

To view or download the excel-based templates for the Rwanda Green Building Minimum Compliance System template please use link below:

Templates-Rwanda Green Building Templates (Final)-Beta Version

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