Review of GGGI’s Experience to Design and Operationalize National Financing Vehicles to Finance Climate and Green Growth Policy Implementation

At a Glance

Publication Date September 2023
Format pdf
Country Rwanda
Thematic Areas Green Cities, Forest (Sustainable) Landscapes, Sustainable Energy, Cross Cutting

The Global Green Growth Institute has identified national financing vehicles (NFVs) as a potential solution to overcome some of the known disadvantages of international climate finance. In particular, NFVs have the effect of creating (1) stronger alignment with national priorities, (2) reduced barriers to access for smaller organizations and even individuals or households that do not have the capacity to access international climate finance directly, (3) the rapid deployment of climate funds into projects in sectors of strategic national importance, and (4) an expanded capital base for scale-up following the initial phase of NFV. NFVs are defined broadly as funds that are public or public-private entities and are set up within or, in some cases, outside government.