Mongolia Impact Pathway Review

At a Glance

Publication Date December 2019
Format pdf
Country Mongolia
Thematic Area Cross Cutting

The IPR for the Mongolia was carried out between April and October 2019 by Impact Evaluation Unit staff, including an in-country mission during 2-6 September 2019. The approach broadly followed the approach set out in the IPR Guidelines, and involved: (1) a review of program documentation (Annex 2), (2) interviews with internal and external stakeholders (Annex 3), and (3) a half-day workshop with GGGI Mongolia team to discuss the IPR findings and recommendations. The scope of IPR covered 14 core and earmarked-funded projects between 2015-2019 in the areas of energy, green cities and green financing, which shared common impact pathways (Annex 1). The core of the IPR methodology involves developing a country program-wide impact pathway diagram, based on the logframes of all projects under the country program. The diagram for the Mongolia Program is shown in the report.