Green Bonds Make More Cents?

At a Glance

Publication Date June 2021
Format pdf
Country Viet Nam
Thematic Area Green Finance

Green Bonds Make More Cents? – International Experiences and Policy Implications for Viet Nam

The global market of green bonds has grown exponentially and become a major source of financing climate investments. Global Green Bonds market has recently surpassed $1 trillion mark since the market’s inception in 2007, witnessing a strong appetite from emerging markets. Aligned with global trend, Government of Viet Nam is taking concrete steps to develop its green bond market. With an effort to further facilitate the development of Viet Nam Green Bond Market, GGGI, with the support of Government of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, has developed a technical report “GREEN BONDS MAKE MORE CENTS?” that highlights international practices in developing green bond market across selected geographies and suggests broad ranging policy recommendations for Viet Nam from the lessons learned by first movers