GGGI Green Employment Assessment brochure

At a Glance

Publication Date June 2022
Format pdf
Country All Countries
Thematic Areas Cross Cutting, Climate Resilient and Green Growth, Green Jobs, Green recovery, LT-LEDS

GGI develops technical assessments that help developing countries maximize their green employment creation.
GGGI’s green employment assessments accomplish four objectives:

1. Model the employment effects of reaching long-term climate goals. This includes assessing the quality & quantity of green jobs per sector, per value chain stage, at the national, subnational, or regional level considering the targets stated in the NDCs and/or other long-term climate policies.
2. Model the employment effects of different ambition level scenarios of NDCs/LEDS targets.
3. Identify skills & gender gaps hindering the creation of future green jobs and slowing down the green transition.
4. Provide actionable policy options at a national, subnational, or regional level to maximize the green employment opportunities in priority economic sectors and complement the existing labor and sectoral policies.

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