2019 Annual Report: Greening Urban Planning and Growth

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Publication Date January 2020
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Cities are the driving force behind national and global economies, and have a critical role to play in supporting global sustainability and climate change ambitions, as well as the realization of green growth pathways. Urban areas are increasingly seen as engines of national and global wealth but face an urgent need to address their own sustainability challenges and various adverse external impacts they have on natural resources, ecosystems, and the planet. Cities have a key role to play in the realization of Agenda 2030 as well as the climate change agenda, including the Paris Agreement, and linking renewed green city planning to climate finance provides a significant opportunity for change.

Recognizing the importance of cities to the global sustainability agenda and green growth transitions, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) has committed to working with its Members and partners to deliver inclusive, integrated urban planning, infrastructure, and mobility solutions.

This in turn strengthened cities’ efforts to grow using more renewable energy, better manage urban waste through circular economy approaches, support sustainable transportation solutions, and create new green jobs.

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