2015 Annual Report: Transitioning toward green growth

At a Glance

Publication Date June 2016
Format pdf

Table of Content
1. Letter from the President of the Assembly and Chair of Council

2. Letter from the Director-General: Moving forward as One

3. About GGGI

4. 2015 GGGI Members and Resource Partners

5. 2015 GGGI Milestones

6. Toward a Carbon-lean GGGI

7. GGGI’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020: Accelerating the Transition to a New Model of Growth

8. Strategic Outcome 1: Strengthened national, sub-national, local green growth planning, financing, and institutional frameworks

9. Strategic Outcome 2: Increased green investment flows

10. Strategic Outcome 3: Improved multi-directional South-South and South-North-South knowledge sharing and learning

11 . Maximizing organizational effectiveness and efficiency