2015 Annual Report: Transitioning toward green growth

At a Glance

Publication Date June 2016
Format pdf

Two-thousand fifteen marked the first year of implementation for GGGI’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020, which focuses on supporting GGGI Members and partner-countries transition to models of growth that simultaneously achieve poverty reduction, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and economic development.

In working toward strengthening green growth planning, financing, and institutional frameworks, the Annual Report notes that green growth policies were adopted in a number of countries with encouraging signs that these policies have the potential for transformational change.


Table of Content
1. Letter from the President of the Assembly and Chair of Council

2. Letter from the Director-General: Moving forward as One

3. About GGGI

4. 2015 GGGI Members and Resource Partners

5. 2015 GGGI Milestones

6. Toward a Carbon-lean GGGI

7. GGGI’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020: Accelerating the Transition to a New Model of Growth

8. Strategic Outcome 1: Strengthened national, sub-national, local green growth planning, financing, and institutional frameworks

9. Strategic Outcome 2: Increased green investment flows

10. Strategic Outcome 3: Improved multi-directional South-South and South-North-South knowledge sharing and learning

11 . Maximizing organizational effectiveness and efficiency