Regular Session of the Steering Committee

January 26 – 27, 2021; Senegal – Acting in its capacity as permanent secretariat, GGGI Senegal convened stakeholders for the 2021 Regular Session of the Steering Committee on January 26 – 27, 2021. The edition was on virtual session due to restrictives measures related to the COVID 19 situation in Senegal.

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development chaired the steering committee and opened the introductory session. Members from the Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Equipment; Ministry of Energy & Oil; Ministry of Territorial Collectivity; Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation; Economic & Social Council; Ministry of Industrial Development,;Government of Grand-Duche of Luxemburg; Embassy in Dakar; Waste national Coordination Unit; IT State Senegal Agency; National Sanitation Office; Operational office for Senegal Rising Plan private sector; and local officials union associations.

The session began with a speech from Chairperson Alhassane Diop, National Director of Green Financing & Partnership. ” I am delighted to join the ordinary session of the steering committee on behalf of the Ministry of Environment & Sustainable Development as usual leading  the presidency of the committee. This annual meeting is of utmost importance as a closed year of operations as indicated by GGGI in the country business plan. In this regard it remains essential to gather the committee for global overview of 2020 projects results and 2021 workplan subdivided into sessions in the shared agenda. I would like to convey greetings from the Ministry of Environment & Sustainable Development and wish much success in our works,” shared Chairperson Alhassane Diop.

Senegal Country Representative, Romain BRILLIE, delivered a speech with heartfelt thanks to members for joining the 2021 session of the steering committee. “Sincere thanks for your commitment on implementing activities for our cooperation program and also on the formulation process during our new projects proposals. The year 2020 was such a very difficult experience whereas we’ve been able to adapt, under the leadership of his Excellency President Macky SALL, with the implementation of the Economic & Social Resilience Program.”

To conclude the session, the Chief of International Cooperation for the Luxembourg Dakar Embassy, Ruis Fernandes, addressed greetings and congratulations for GGGI and highlighted the dedication from the government of Luxembourg. “As you probably should know, Senegal is part of the small circle in Luxembourg’s cooperation, which has been existence for 30 years now. Luxembourg is one the most important donor per capita by public funds for financing the fight against climate change around the world. Our collaboration with GGGI on the wastewater, plastic waste, electric electronic waste management in green secondaries cities through innovative business models for recycling and valorization project one of our partnerships in the country.”

The cooperation program was presented at Session 2 to the committee with key results inside main different works streams: green secondary cities, agriculture & renewable energy, and governance green finance.  Participants delivered presentations introducing results from the following projects, including solar PV promotion in agriculture; renewable energy fund & energy efficiency; policy approaches under article 6 ( phase 2 ); wastewater, plastic waste, electric electronic waste in Senegal green secondaries cities through innovative business models for recycling and valorization; and inclusive citywide sanitation. The audience appreciated the results obtained during the year and made strategic recommendations relating to project scale-up and expansion.

The second part commenced with a synthesis of the day before read by the president, followed by the country business plan validated by the Assembly & Council, as well as major upcoming events and efforts to formulate new projects. The current projects being formulated were presented by Country Representative, Romain BRILLIE, and include solar irrigation for climate smart agriculture in Senegal river valley and energy audit & capacity building for 5 rice millers in the river valley.

The members adopted all workplans with deliverables and expected results for new projects to be implemented this year, as well as assured the guaranteed availability of all members of Senegal State to achieve defined goals mentioned in the corporate planning framework.