Press Release

GGGI Partners with 2030 Water Resources Group to focus on water-energy nexus

WRG Executive Director Anders Berntell (left) and GGGI Director-General Howard Bamsey sign a Memorandum of Understanding pledging cooperation between the two organizations.

SONGDO, KOREA –June 11, 2013 –The Global Green Growth Institute and the International Finance Corporation, the implementing entity for the 2030 Water Resources Group, signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the Global Green Growth Summit in Songdo, Korea.

The new agreement states that the parties will create a joint program focusing on the water-energy nexus and other issues related to water to be undertaken in selected countries where GGGI currently has green growth planning projects.  The two groups also agreed to cooperate more generally on information-sharing and conducting joint activities over a two year period.

“The 2030 Water Resources Group is very happy about the collaboration with the GGGI,” said Anders Berntell, Executive Director of WRG. “GGGI will not only contribute financially to our work, but we will also seek opportunities to work together in the countries where both of us are engaging. This should lead to synergies towards a green growth agenda beyond the sectors that we are respectively working on.”

GGGI and 2030 WRG have collaborated in the past, namely through GGGI’s election to serve as a member of the 2030 WRG Governing Council in January of this year. The MOU formalizes the groups’ relationship and outlines a more concrete plan of action for cooperation.

GGGI is an international organization dedicated to developing and diffusing a new paradigm of economic growth – green growth – which simultaneously balances economic performance and environmental sustainability. Headquartered in Seoul and founded in June 2010, GGGI works in long-term partnership with developing and emerging economies through rigorous green growth planning, research and public-private cooperation. For more information see:

The 2030 Water Resources Group is an innovative public-private initiative aimed at mobilizing a broad ranger of stakeholders, such as the private sector, government leaders, civil society, and bilateral development agencies and multilateral development banks to support governments willing to accelerate their progress toward national water security.  For more information see: