Global Green Growth Week 2022

About GGGWeek2022 (#GGGWeek2022)

GGGWeek2022 is organized in the margins of GGGI’s Assembly and Council joint sessions, and in the leadup to the UNFCCC Conference of Parties COP27 to be held in Egypt. GGGWeek2022 will feature high-level panel discussions, keynote speeches, interactive sessions and debates that will highlight examples of solutions and best practices to advance the implementation of the Paris Agreement and NetZero pledges. The GGGWeek2022 provides engagement with global green growth leaders and practitioners, forge partnerships, and provide participants with learning and sharing opportunities across a range of sectors and topics to address the main theme of the event “Unlocking the Potential of Green Growth and Climate Finance Innovations”.

GGGWeek2022 Flagship Publication

Presentations at GGGW will be considered for inclusion in GGGI’s flagship publication. As part of the preparation and peer-review of the publication, session leads and presenters will be given the opportunity to contribute and be acknowledge either as co-authors or contributors/reviewers. GGGI’s flagship publication from GGGWeek2022 will be produced as a book, and published in Summer 2023 as part of GGGI’s annual publications.

Dates & Format

GGGWeek2022 is hosted by the Global Green Growth Institute from Monday October 24 to Friday October 28, 2022. We will explore the possibility of co-hosting with a broad set of countries and partners interested in the idea of a joint event.

Virtual conference setup will be available for all sessions.


Unlocking the Potential of Green Growth and Climate Finance Innovations

Call for Presentations

[The Call for Presentations is now closed]

The GGGWeek2022 is buliding on the outcomes of COP26 in Glasgow and in the lead-up to COP27 in Egypt, the increased awareness of the climate crisis and the private sector’s willingness to be part of the solution, with more efforts seen in building back better for a green recovery and achieving net zero by 2050 normalizing in the international agenda, together with ambitious NDC commitments for 2030 and greening the massive stimulus packages.

In this regard, GGGI is inviting you to propose your presentation(s) of the GGGWeek2022 theme. The hybrid (in-person and virtual) GGGWeek2022 event will bring together green growth champions, campaigners, policy makers, financiers (MDBs/private banks/institutional investors), experts, academia, youth groups and other civil society organizations, technology developers, representatives from various industries, and partners interested to drive the change.

To submit your proposition of presentation, please complete the form at [Microsoft Forms] or [download the form] to briefly introduce your topic by May 31, 2022. We look forward to welcoming you at GGGWeek2022 and having you showcase your experience. For questions, please reach out to:

Day 1~3

Oct. 24 ~ 26, 2022

High-level keynote speeches, presentations, panel discussions and debates on the main theme of GGGWeek2022: Unlocking the Potential of Green Growth and Climate Finance Innovations.

However, propositions for presentations are accepted on a variety of topics that can be linked to the main theme of the session. These topics range from Green New Deals and Green Recovery to climate smart agriculture, sustainable green industrial parks, carbon pricing, NDCs/LEDS/MRV, blue economy & coastal resilience, sustainable forests, green cities, sustainable transport, circular economy & waste management, green industries, scaling-up renewable energy, techno-climate innovation, green entrepreneurships, public Private Partnerships.

Day 4

Oct. 27, 2022

GGGI’s Eleventh Session of the Assembly and Fifteenth Session of the Council (Joint Session)

Day 5

Oct. 28, 2022

GGGI offers the opportunity to host side-events co-organized with Member(s)/partner(s) The opportunity is given to Member(s)/partner(s) to share ideas on possible side events that will feature growing collaboration to advance the green growth transformation agenda. GGGI also plans to organize a green growth and climate action related training session.

* Side Event: GGGI-Korea Partnership Day *

Referred to as “Korea Day” GGGI plans to organize the Korea Partnership Day as a side event linked to GGGWeek2022. It is structured as co-organized sessions with Korean partners including KGNDF, KOICA, K-Exim, KDB, KFS, etc. The side-event is open to delegates from some of GGGI Member and partner countries who may stay on for Korea Day. The details will be announced in future communications.