Draft Gulu Physical Development Plan Handover

Gulu City, June 6, 2022

Gulu City has received the final draft of the Physical Development Plan. The plan has been developed under the greening Uganda’s urbanization and industrialization project, funded by the European union.

The plan is a spatial expression of the social and economic environment or other policy, at National, regional, district, city  or municipal level.

The plans will be on display up to august 15, 2022, making it 90 days, pursuit to section 27 of the Physical Planning act, 2010 (principal act). The process involves sensitization and engagement of the public and other stakeholders.

The plans have been displayed at Gulu City headquarters, the Laroo-pece division and Badege-layibi division; and the four sub counties of Kolo, Bugatira, Ongako and Unyama.

The Physical development Plan is not different from the economic development plans. It has been developed inline with Uganda’s Vision 2040 and propose the kind of development that should take place, how much should occur, where and how development should occur, in order to take advantage of the opportunities.

The project lead, Ronald McGill urged the City council to be the driver of the national development and much watch and take action on how the city development unfolds. He further emphasized that all infrastructures and developments should be in accordance with the #PDPs, emphasizing that no development should take place with the bleach of the #PDPs. This is after the observation that most buildings in Uganda have been built without approval.

The Physical Planner from National Planning Authority, Mr. Denis Tugume said that in Africa, development has always been ahead of planning and urged that such practice should stop.  Denis said that every plot must have an access point, which will happen if there is detailed planning. Thus, there is need for more support to develop the detailed #PDPs and implementation of the detailed plans should be undertaken after plans are in place.

The Mayor of Gulu city said that the roads proposed in the new physical development plans should be expanded to two lanes and must be set up with all utilities like electricity and water lines, sewerage facilities, and pedestrian walkways. This should be done to avoid demolitions of public utilities once the city expansions happens. He also echoed that Gulu city should be set up as a model city so that it becomes a benchmarking city for other cities who will later commence work on developing their #PDPs.

The meeting was attended by many stakeholders was attended by Julius Okwi, The Resident City Commissioner of Gulu City; and by Mr. Obwona Charles, the deputy town clerk of Gulu Town Council; and officials from Government MDAs i.e. National Planning Authority and Ministry of Local Government.