Burkina Faso Minister of Environment ,Green Economy and Climate Change conduct GCF study tour in Kigali, Rwanda

Burkina Faso is aware of the importance of green growth development which is fundamental to supporting the transition and increasing opportunities.  The Government has highlighted several obstacles related to (i) limited technical capacity of actors at all levels; (ii) the lack of sustainable and appropriate financial mechanisms to support the transition to green growth; and (iii) poor access to climate finance and other existing international financial mechanisms.

May 27th – June 2nd, GGGI Burkina Faso  with the assistance of GGGI Rwanda Country Office  organized for the Burkina Faso Honourable Minister of Environment , Green Economy and Climate Change   Mr. Batio Bassière Nestor and his delegation  to conduct a study tour  to Rwanda. The main objectives with the study tour  was to learn from its experience,  in order for Burkina Faso  government to prepare and plan the accreditation process of its National Fund called FIE. This study tour included lessons from Rwanda experience with the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The government of Burkina Faso has initiated changes to the capacity development of traditional financial institutions and national funds  in support if its transition to a green economy and the  development of green taxation and the mobilization of resources related to climate finance. However, the Government recognizes its limited technical capacity of actors at all levels. Therefore, they requested the support of GGGI to develop a study tour regarding Climate finance and the process of having national accredited funds. This project aims to support the Government of Burkina Faso (GoBF) during its Green Growth transition by conducting capacity building and knowledge sharing activities to reinforce green governance and develop a pipeline of green projects in Burkina Faso. Previously GGGI had organized a study tour in Senegal with CSE and a second in Rwanda to meet with Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA). Members of the delegation comprised of:

H.E M. BASSIERE Batio, Minister of the Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change ; OUEDRAOGO Issaka, Designated National Authority of the Green Climate Fund in Burkina Faso; SOURWEMA K. Jean Marie, Director of Research and resources Mobilization of FIE Funding / GCF Focal Point; NIKIEMA Bernard, Director of Finance and Accounting of the FIE; SANOU Amadou, Director of Communication and Public Relations of the FIE; Mme SARE/FOFANA Mamata, Member of the Executive Secretariat of the GCF in Burkina Faso.

GGGI Country Rep Inhee Chung and H.E M. BASSIERE Batio, Minister of the Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change

During their visit the delegation met with GGGI Rwanda Country Team to learn more about the  technical support that is provided to the Government of Rwanda , FONERWA and GCF Readiness project . Both Ministries of Environment  in Burkina Faso and Rwanda are supported by GGGI in the GCF accreditation process and implementation of GCF readiness, respectively. Following the introduction, the delegation met Rwanda NDA ,Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), the Accredited Entity which is Rwanda Ministry of Environment (MoE) and with the leadership of Rwanda Climate Fund, FORNERWA and with the GGGI Rwanda Country team working on GCF readiness project team  sharing their knowledge  of national finance vehicles , lessons learnt and how the two countries can support one another.

The GCF readiness supported by GGGI Rwanda is focused on improving the capacity of the NDA and NCT and increasing low emission development and resilience in one of Rwanda`s secondary cities as a model driving the green growth. The project was based on the GGGI Rwanda work in supporting Kigali and Secondary cities and will enable the development of green master plans for the spatial development of the secondary cities and development of project concept notes that will deliver their implementation.

As part of their study tour several engagements were set up for the Burkino Faso delegation to gain knowledge  on GCF processes and expectations from the NDAs. Whilst visiting the NDA,  the members learned about the GCF country programmatic support and the process for project evaluation, release of no-objection letter and project submission to GCF from Mr. Faustin Munyazikwiye Deputy Director General of REMA, the Director of Climate Change and International Commitments Unit and with GGGI consultant supporting the NDA in implementing the GCF Readiness.

Burkina Faso delegation attend FONERWA workshop

The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA)  hosted the delegation to share experience in building a green and climate resilient nation, by  taking part in a knowledge sharing workshop and visited one of the fund’s investments – a state-of-the-art e-waste dismantling and recycling facility  , where they learnt about the fund investment and its ability to process up to 10,000 tonnes of e-waste per annum.

Rwanda Green Fund, (FONERWA) is currently implementing GCF projects in collaboration with the AE. Rwanda Green Fund Head of Business Development,  Ms Teddy Mugabo  was pleased  with the opportunity to foster south-south cooperation and explained their experience in managing mobilized resources and their Governance structure, mechanisms for mobilizing national financial resources and risk analysis and mitigation as the National Climate Fund addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation within the country ; prerequisites/requirements required for the GCF accreditation process;  (Procurement, Planning and Monitoring Procedures Project evaluation, environmental and social safeguards issues, technical and administrative procedures , information on the operation of structures accredited to the GCF in general ; the risk analysis and mitigation regarding money laundering, terrorism financial and monitoring and evaluation process.

The Burkina Faso  delegation had the opportunity to visit the Rwanda Minister of Environment together with GGGI Rwanda Country Representative in an exchange of South-South efforts to address climate change resilience and low emission development. The Honourable  Mr. Bassiere Batio Nestor, Burkina Faso Minister of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change with Dr Vincent Biruta, Rwanda Minister of Environment discussed areas of collaboration and ways GGGI Rwanda and GGGI Burkina Faso can support the two countries by enabling environmentally conscious and socially inclusive economic growth.  During his interview the Honourable  Mr. Bassiere Batio Nestor said “ Rwanda has advanced on resource mobilization , it has become the model for Africa  and we decided to come here for several factors. For example Burkina Faso and Rwanda have good relations specially after the two Heads of State visited the other’s country. Rwanda is the ideal country to learn about available funding from GCF.  Positive changes are visible all over Rwanda, especially their Environmental and protection policy. Minister Biruta advised the delegation on different approaches for resource mobilization as opportunity to  identify other finance vehicles. “

Burkina Faso delegation visit the e-waste dismantling and recycling facility

Mr. Faustin Munyazikwiye Deputy Director General of REMA  said “in addition to having rectified the Paris Agreement, Rwanda has undertaken efforts in establishing national strategies and policies to enable climate change response. The National Transformation Strategy, the Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy, as well as the National Determined Contribution and Vision 2050 underpin all local development plans and are used in the evaluation of proposal for ensuring the projects are aligned with the country interest.” In future the two countries are optimistic to support both Ministries of Environment and possibly signing an MOU.

About FIE (Fonds d’Intervention pour l’Environnement)

The Environment Interventions Fund of Burkina Faso is a state owned fund that was created in 2013 and placed under the technical oversight of the Ministry of Environment and under the financial oversight of the Ministry of Finance. The fund intervenes in several sectors of the environment in Burkina Faso such as risks and disasters, forests and wildlife, management of natural resources (soil and water) and promotes sustainable practices in the productive sectors and energy.  Read more about the Fund here.