Training workshop on Green Transportation held in Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, Senegal, February 21, 2019 – In line with efforts to support the Government of Senegal in its transition to green growth, the GGGI Senegal team organized a capacity building session in collaboration with the Executive Council of Urban Transport in Dakar (CETUD) as part of the implementation of the Senegal Green Secondary Cities Program.

The training workshop was aimed at upgrading CETUD’s engineers on why the transport sector needs to become greener in order to be part of the green growth movement by exploring different types of policies, best practices, finance instruments for green transport. 

GGGI’s Green Cities team also contributed to the preparation of the workshop, which included drafting of learning materials.

This training workshop, held on February 21, 2019, is the first of its kind organized by the GGGI Senegal team. More than a dozen executives in charge of planning urban transport in Senegal took part in this training session and realized that the new Bus Rapid Transit of Dakar was funded by the World Bank Group.

At the end of the workshop, certificates of participation were issued to participants. They were handed by the Director General of CETUD who welcomed this initiative which he found instructive and interesting. He also expressed the wish to finance a second session training to be extended to Senegal urban transport stakeholders.