Training ‘Solar Grandmothers’

The Training Center of Barefoot College in Burkina Faso, in partnership with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, provided a training in solar energy to 31 rural women from 7 regions of Burkina Faso (Center, Center-West, Center-East, Sahel, North, Hauts-Bassins and Cascades). The ‘Solar Grandmothers’ project is under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Sanitation of Burkina Faso. The women were trained in the assembly and installation of solar home kits and following the training cycle, such kits will be distributed in their communities.

Solar Grandmothers at regional Barefoot college- Burkina Faso


The project empowers older women to contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel use in Burkina Faso through the promotion of clean technologies and low-carbon energy sources. It will provide local expertise in solar technology in rural areas, as well as increase the availability of and access to solar energy.

The project will have impact in terms of (i) changing the status of the women’s living environment, (ii) contributing to the communities’ awareness of renewable energy, (iii) reducing inequalities and improving the living conditions of beneficiary households, (iv) reducing gender inequalities in rural areas through the involvement of women as full-fledged actors in local development, accelerated through the increase in green income-generating activities in the villages of Burkina Faso.

The Barefoot College applies a training approach used at its 27 training centers around the world. The methodology is based on colors, explanation in local language, practical workshop tests, and mentoring. The beneficiaries were trained in the maintenance of solar equipment by women previously trained at Barefoot College in India who, on their return, have installed several solar kits in their communities.