Training program on Electronic Waste Dismantlement Techniques

GGGI delivered a training program on waste dismantling techniques for electrical and electronic equipment in Senegal as part of the Solid and Liquid Waste Management project in Senegal’s secondary cities, financed by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The project’s approach specifies the cultivation of waste into resources according to the principles of the circular economy. In the implementation of the component’s activities, three aspects were covered including, support for private sector units, the process of modernizing the sector, and the improvement of the regulatory framework.

The training program aimed to meet the objective of modernizing the dismantlement activity by training nearly 60 actors from WEEE sites in Dakar. To maintain this dynamic, GGGI worked on a draft decree proposed to the supervisory department with the aim of improving the framework to facilitate private sector participation. Private sector stakeholders operating in this field will benefit from a material grant to reinforce their production flow. Several activities will follow in upcoming weeks to drive the advocacy phase of the program.