The identification of detailed activities for Burkina Faso’s NDC sectoral plans

Ouagadougou, September  29-30, 2020 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change of Burkina Faso and NDC Partnership conducted a workshop, under the Climate Action Enhancement Package, project to identify detailed activities for Burkina Faso’s NDC Sectoral Plans.

The workshop was attended by forty five (45) representatives from ten ministries: Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change; Ministry of Agriculture and hydro-agricultural schemes; Ministry of Animal and Fishing Resource; Ministry of Water and Sanitation; Ministry of Transport, Urban Mobility and Road safety; Ministry of Women, National Solidarity and Family; Ministry of Energy; Ministry of Infrastructures; Ministry of Health and Ministry of Research and Innovation.

The opening ceremony was led by NDC Partnership National Facilitator (Athanase Kinda) and GGGI Country Representative (Dr. Malle Fofana). In his welcome speech, Dr. Mallé Fofana presented the main objectives of the Climate Action Enhancement Package Project, including developing sectoral plans to facilitate the NDC national ownership.

The workshop contributed to:

  • the operationalization of NDC core experts group within the ministries;
  • the harmonization of the understandings on climate change and related concepts (such as adaptation, mitigation and climate resilience), through capacity building to facilitate the collection and selection of conditional and unconditional projects;
  • the identification of adaptation and mitigation actions/activities, based on the planning documents of the ministries involved in the NDC implementation (Sectoral policy, ministerial strategy, budget – program, programs and projects, the NDC Investment Plan and the Partnership Plan between NDC Partnership and the GoBF).

The next steps will be focused on:

  • Designing the proposed actions and gathering further information and data
  • Organizing a workshop on the drafts of the sectoral plan