Trevor Galgal

Trevor Galgal is the Provincial Project officer of the GGGI country programme on Green Growth and Climate Resilience in Papua New Guinea.
Trevor works closely with the GGGI Country Representative in PNG, and is responsible for provincial coordination and management of the related government and stakeholder relationships, while at the same time supporting the conceptualization of the project design and delivery of the Climate Resilient Green Growth Project.
Prior to GGGI, he was working with a renewable energy company aiming to establish a 30MW biomass and solar energy power plant in Papua New Guinea. His role was to coordinate and manage the establishment of 16,000Ha of tree plantations in underutilized grassland areas.
His passion for sustainable community development got him actively involved with the University of Melbourne’s Bower Studio, where he built sustainable composting toilets for communities affected by climate change and neo-natal clinics for rural communities in Papua New Guinea.
Trevor holds a Bachelor Degree in Forestry and a Postgraduate Diploma in Agriculture from the Papua New Guinea University of Technology.