Mamadou KONATE

Mamadou KONATE is a Senior Program Officer, based in Senegal. Mamadou KONATE is responsible for developing substantive inputs and analyses to the development, delivery, and assessment of work programs and activities at the country level. He is organizing program activities across green growth planning, capacity building and country specific knowledge development for effective result deliveries under biannual/annual program plans; maintaining effective program reporting and communication internally and externally in line with GGGI corporate policies, standards and protocols.

Mamadou KONATE has a civil servant experience with the Green Financing Department and the Partnerships of the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Senegal, in a position of Deputy Director. Prior to that he served more than ten years as an Expert in a biodiversity conservation project with World Bank in Senegal. He worked also as Program Manager with Rodale Institute an NGO doing independent agricultural research in Senegal. He also has collaborated with local universities and training institutions in ecosystem management.

Outside of work or in his free time, Mamadou KONATE enjoys being with his family or friends and going on excursions.