Kirstin Morrison

Kirstin Morrison is a Senior Green Growth Analyst in GGGI’s Abu Dhabi office.

She is an economist with 18 years’ experience helping governments, countries, regions, and organisations be “better”. She is passionate about helping governments and other organisations to undertake better analysis, develop better policies, strategies and plans, make better decisions, create better impacts and promote better outcomes. She just wants everything to be “better”.

She is however pragmatic and has learnt from over 20 years of living, travelling and working in various countries and cultures that place and context matter. She is driven to find what really works and really makes things better, where necessary, challenging widely held assumptions, orthodox thinking, and cognitive biases. She has worked with leaders in government, the private sector and civil society to improve performance and enhance impact across a wide array of sectors including agriculture, housing, waste and regional development but has particularly strong track record in the energy and water sectors.

Kirstin has been based in the United Arab Emirates since 2009, previously working as an economic consultant on numerous projects in the Gulf region and around the world. Prior to moving to the Middle East, Kirstin worked as an Economist for the UK government and has lived and worked in both China and India before that.