Gamma Nur Merrillia Sularso

Gamma Nur Merrillia Sularso is a Green Investment Officer – Sustainable Landscape for GGGI Indonesia’s Sustainable Landscape Team. She is a forester with expertise in developing policies, regulations, and guidelines for landscape sustainability through climate change mitigation and green investment in the forestry and land-based sector. In this role, she develops investment options and opportunities, innovative financing mechanisms, and stakeholder engagement with the Government of Indonesia, partners, and donors. In addition, she provides advisory to overcome policy and institutional barriers for sustainable landscape sectors and technical advice to the government in the development of the investment-related plan and strategic documents. Gamma has a strong interest in climate change, REDD+, and the transparency framework incorporated in green development. During her previous position in the UNDP/REDD+, Kemitraan – The Partnership for Governance Reform, GCF Project in BPDLH, she gained extensive experience in policy advocation and technical ability to develop the Architecture REDD+ and climate change instruments, systems, and regulations. She gained experience in the National MRV team that successfully developed Emission Reduction Report that eventually resulted in Result-Based Payments (RBP) for REDD+ under LoI RI-Norway and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) REDD+ RBP Pilot Programme, as well as her involvement in the FCPF East Kalimantan and BioCF Jambi. At the international level, she has experienced as Indonesia Delegation for Transparency Framework for UNFCCC since 2017.

Gamma holds a master’s degree from the University of Indonesia and a bachelor of forestry from Institut Pertanian Bogor.