Signing of the Commitment Charter of Tivaouane Green Secondary City as part of the celebration ceremony of World Environment Day

Senegal, June 5 – Senegal celebrated World Environment Day today in the city of Tivaouane. Tivaouane is also one of the three pilot cities of the Green Secondary Cities Development Program, which is supported by GGGI. This led to the formulation of a Tivaouane development strategy in a secondary green city and a roadmap whose implementation is articulated around a portfolio of 12 priority projects to drive the green growth transition over a 5-year period (2018-2022). During the event, a Commitment Charter was signed between the Mayor of the city Mr. Mamadou Sy Mbengue, the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development Pr Mame Thierno Dieng and the GGGI Country Representative Mr. Mahamadou Tounkara.

The signature of the Commitment Charter was one of the highlights of this ceremony which saw a significant presence of the Deputy Minister of Railways, the Representative of the Caliph General of the religious community of Tidiania. The ceremony was well-attended by the Ambassador of the European Union delegation, the representatives of the Ambassadors of France and the Netherlands, and NGOs.

The Commitment Charter aims to strengthen the ownership of results and the sustainability of action agreed under the Tivaouane Green City Strategy & Action plan. As it is the result of wide consultation with the vital forces of the city of Tivaouane, the signing of the Commitment Charter will be extended to the municipal office and the members of the Green City Local Committee.