Citywide surveys on green and public spaces conducted in Huye ,Nyagatare and Rubavu

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA)and Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) , conducted citywide surveys in Huye ,Nyagatare and Rubavu over the last two months. Nyagatare and Ruvabu Districts are among the fastest urbanized secondary cities that were identified  for this exercise to assess the needs of its citizens for green and public spaces. The citywide survey initiative is subsequent to a series of stakeholder consultations facilitated by GGGI Rwanda in preparations for the Huye , Nyagatare and Rubavu District Development Strategies 2018-2024 where green and public spaces are prioritized strategic interventions in support of accelerating sustainable urbanization.

Initial survey results indicate that citizens of Huye ,Nyagatare and Rubavu are in favor of safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces and would prefer having such spaces with child friendly playground equipment and for leisure purposes. The citizens are willing to walk and ride bicycles to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of these green spaces, thus, contributing to their overall sustainability.

Surveyors in Nyagatare (23.08.2018 @Christele Irakunda)

The survey is supported by the Districts of  Huye , Nyagatare  and Rubavu with the participation of Rwanda Women’s Network, to broaden the inputs from an inclusive perspective into the planning process for Green and Public spaces. This provides the opportunity for MININFRA , RHA and GGGI to recognize and incorporate citizens goals and priorities ahead of the design phase.

Surveyors with the public in Rubavu (12.09.2018, @Ilija Gubic)

By the end of 2018 , GGGI in partnership with MININFRA ; RHA and the related District authorities will be hosting a participatory green and public space design workshop and will  introduce its new initiative  “Nyagatare City Walk” t exploring the “urban forest” of Nyagatare.