Sessional Documents for MPSC11

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(REVISED) Provisional Agenda of the Eleventh Meeting of the MPSC MPSC/2020/AG/REV2
(E-consultation) 1. 2019 Results Report MPSC/2020/1/REV
(E-consultation) 2. Overview of 2020 Programs MPSC/2020/2
(E-consultation) 3. Roadmap 2021-2025 MPSC/2020/3
Agenda 3. Director-General’s Progress Report MPSC/2020/5
Agenda 4. 2019 Financial Result Report MPSC/2020/6-1
Agenda 4. 2019 Audited Financial Statements MPSC/2020/6-2
Agenda 4. Management Letter from PWC MPSC/2020/6-3
Agenda 5. 2020 Operational Budget MPSC/2020/7
Agenda 6. Work Program and Budget 2021-2022 Planning Direction MPSC/2020/8
Agenda 7. Risk Management Framework Roll-out Plan MPSC/2020/9
Agenda 8. Update on Travel Management MPSC/2020/10
Agenda 9. GGGI Support to Vulnerable Countries MPSC/2020/11
Agenda 10. Any Other Business MPSC/2020/12
[DRAFT] 2019 Annual Report (final version will be shared in due course)