Senegal Minister of the Environment held meeting with the GGGI Senegal Country Representative

As is customary when a new Country Representatives take office, the Ministry of the Environment, as the entity endorsing our cooperation agreement with the State of Senegal, received the mission letter from GGGI to share the vision of our mandate.

The Minister was delighted to receive GGGI’s new Senegal Country Representative and took the opportunity to thank the former Representative, Romain BRILLIE, on behalf of the department for the quality of his collaboration. He recalled the strategic role of GGGI alongside Senegal in contributing to the operationalization of the environmental policy of H.E. President Macky SALL. He recalled, in particular, the initiative of the development of green cities and the preparatory work of mobilization and training of actors in the run-up to the COP26 in Glasgow.

The Minister continued that he was pleased to learn that the new Senegal Country Representative had taken a strong initiative with prospects for further collaboration, particularly with the Directorate of the Environment and Classified Establishments on climate issues.

Discussions also focused on the annual session of the programme’s steering committee, chaired by the Minister of the Environment, which will take place on March 31, 2022, in the presence of all members, parties, and development partners.

In the wake of the presentation of the portfolio of our agreement under implementation, in the agricultural component, the Minister gave recommendations for the organization of a site visit in the region of Matam in which sites of experimentation of the practice of climate-smart agriculture and solarization of pumping stations are retained for the project financed by the Qatar Fund for Development.

In closing the exchange, the Minister welcomed the diversification of the intervention and reiterated the availability of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development to support the mandate of GGGI which is in line with the objectives of the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).