Rwanda Country Planning Framework 2021-2025

The Rwanda Country Planning Framework  is a five-year country level plan that sets out the priority areas for GGGI’s country program in Rwanda. Essentially, these are the key areas of GGGI’s interventions in supporting the green growth transformation of Rwanda’s economy into a green growth model in sync with its NDC, Agenda 2063 and SDG obligations, and national goals and ambitions.

The CPF covers the 5-year period 2021 to 2025 and serves to translate the implementation of GGGI’s Strategy 2030, Roadmap 2021-2025, and Africa Regional Strategy at the country program level in line with the country’s national development plans, policies, and development priorities. All key stakeholders and development partners were widely consulted in the development of this CPF which has been jointly endorsed by the Government of Rwanda and GGGI.

The implementation of this CPF aims to deliver impactful benefits to Rwanda and its people in terms of a strong and progressive economy that is climate resilient, environmentally sustainable, and socially inclusive.