Provincial Scoping Review Report-New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea

At a Glance

Publication Date November 2020
Format pdf
Country Papua New Guinea
Thematic Area Climate Resilient and Green Growth

The report provides a summary of the main findings of the scoping exercise that has been conducted in the New Ireland Province as part of the Climate-Resilient Green Growth (CRGG) Project funded by the Australian Government. It is expected that the report will guide the CRGG mainstreaming into provincial plans and budget, which is a key outcome of the CRGG project.

Four major activities were undertaken as part of this provincial scoping exercise as outlined below:

  •  Desk review of existing regulations, policies, and strategies to understand the planning and budgeting processes as well as the relevant timelines at the sub-national level.
  • Desk review of existing project pipelines of relevant past, current, and future projects undertaken by Climate Change and Development Authority, provincial governments, development partners, and relevant stakeholders on climate change planning at the sub-national levels to identify lessons and ensure alignment.
  • Stakeholders’ survey: the project team undertook stakeholder mapping by gathering information on the different stakeholders working in the three provinces and mapping out their respective functions and activities.