Papua New Guinea Capacity Building on Climate Change Project Identification and Development

At a Glance

Publication Date July 2019
Format pdf
Country Papua New Guinea
Thematic Area Cross Cutting

The ‘Capacity Needs Assessment’ is focused on the National Designated Authority’s (NDA) current status towards the Green Climate Fund (GCF) requirements in the context of strengthening the NDA capacity to guide and facilitate project development and implementation and coordinating the ‘no-objection procedure’. The assessment reviewed the ‘USAID Climate Ready Joint Organization Assessment (JOA), the Pacific Island Forum (PIF) ‘Options for Climate Finance Reports’ and Climate Change and Development Authority’s (CCDA) ‘Plan of Action’ in its Corporate Plan 1. Drawing from these reports and the in-person meetings with key staff of the CCDA, the assessment focusses on an “analysis of NDA’s capacity status towards GCF requirements and summarises this information into a capacity check-list with a plan of action for capacity building”.