Green Growth Potential Assessment – Lao PDR Country Report

At a Glance

Publication Date November 2017
Format pdf
Country Lao PDR

GGGI conducted a Green Growth Potential Assessment (GGPA) during 2016-2017 to assist the Government of the Lao PDR (GoL) in formulating its national green growth strategy and support the national administration in policy design and implementation. The GGPA is a diagnostic tool that allows a comprehensive examination of the Lao PDR’s performance in key green growth areas. The GGPA identifies appropriate green growth interventions based on a systematic understanding of the country’s key development challenges. It consists of a combination of data analysis and stakeholder consultation in order to identify and prioritize a country’s opportunities for green growth.

In the GGPA of the Lao PDR, a comprehensive and robust data analysis was undertaken to systematically assess the country’s performance in the economic, environmental and social dimensions of green growth. As part of the analysis, the Lao PDR was compared to peer countries across a selected range of key indicators. In addition, inputs were gathered from a broad range of stakeholders through an interactive Delphi-based workshop to identify priority areas that offer the highest potential for green growth interventions. This was followed by interviews with local technical experts to inform the analysis and identify relevant recommendations. The rationale behind this inclusive process is to build the country’s green growth agenda by giving the government and other stakeholders the leading role in the process, as opposed to externally-imposed solutions.

This report presents the process and findings of the GGPA of the Lao PDR. It synthesizes the findings of the initial data analysis and the outcomes of the stakeholder consultation, including green growth priorities and potential entry points identified by the Lao PDR ministries, as well as a series of recommended interventions that contributes to sectoral green growth targets and is aligned with the 8th NSEDP.

The report identifies the following six sectors as entry points for green growth interventions:

  1. agriculture and fisheries;
  2. forestry and land use;
  3. tourism;
  4. urban development and transport;
  5. energy and mines; and
  6. education.